About Belly Laughs

Belfast Comedy Festival ‘Belly Laughs’ was set up by a group of comedy enthusiasts in 2011 with the aims of adding value to Belfast’'s cultural offering, providing a platform for local talent and, most of all, entertaining audiences with a variety of acts at a value accessible to all sections of the community.



The festival is registered under the Companies Act 2006, as a not for profit private limited company, limited by guarantee (company number N1614137). In addition, we are registered with HMRC as a charity for tax purposes in line with Schedule 6 of the Finance Act 2010 (reference number XT36961).


Management Committee

We have a board of 9 directors, chaired by Peter O'Neill who also acts as Chairman and Festival Director. Other members include:

Eleanor Gill

Alan Irwin

Don Leeson

Julie Maguire

Paul McGarrity

Nuala McKeever

Graeme Watson

Caroline Wilson



Our mission is to provide a first class annual comedy festival in Belfast, with a variety and value that allows all sections of the community to benefit.



Our objectives are:

* To nurture home grown comic talent.

* To programme innovative and international comedy events which add value to Belfast’s cultural offering.

* To promote Belfast as one of Europe’s most dynamic cities and must-visit destinations.

* To explore the boundaries of comedy in the city by examining the history and role of humour particularly in regards to peace building and challenging prejudice.

* To develop new audiences which will assist the further development and sustainability of venues and comedy clubs in the city.